Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rate-A-Restaurant #330: Sweet Rose Creamery (Ice Cream)

Sweet Rose Creamery

Restaurant: Sweet Rose Creamery

Location: 7565 Beverly Boulevard (3rd/Beverly/Fairfax)

Type of restaurant: Ice cream

Sweet Rose Creamery

We stipulated: After an afternoon in Beverly Hills, we were looking for a treat on the drive home. We could have gone to Scoops, but we always go to Scoops. We wanted to try something different and Sweet Rose Creamery's artisan ice cream has been long on our "to eat" list.

They stipulated: "At Sweet Rose Creamery we make small batches of homemade ice cream using only the best ingredients. We use organic milk and cream from Clover Organic Farms and eggs from Chino Valley Ranchers. Both suppliers are antibiotic and hormone free! We also make every effort to purchase our produce from farmers who use organic and sustainable agricultural practices, and support our local farmers by purchasing our produce at the Santa Monica Farmers Market (You’ll see us there every Wednesday!). Sweet Rose Creamery pasteurizes on site and makes all ice cream, sorbets, and dairy free ice creams on premises from scratch every day. We never use any stabilizers in our ice cream bases, and we never use pre-mix bases for any of our products. We also make our own hand-made cones, frozen novelties, cakes, pies, and toppings in house from scratch (except for sodas, sprinkles & coco nibs)."

Sweet Rose Creamery

What we ordered: Maria and I shared a banana split with Caffe Luxxe Coffee ice cream and Salted Caramel ice cream ($7.50); Blogger Kid 2.0 tried a kids scoop of mint chip ($3).

Sweet Rose Creamery

High point:  The flavors are fresh and powerful. I've never had a coffee ice cream as strong as the Caffe Luxxe flavor

Low point:  I wish I knew they were going to sprinkle nuts on our banana split. I've never been a fan of nuts on ice cream.

Sweet Rose Creamery

Overall impression: Maria and I decided to share the banana split since, at $7.50, that was the cheaper route than getting separate scoops. $4 for a scoop of ice cream is still a little crazy to me, especially when you get two scoops for $3 at Scoops. But the ice cream was tasty, and the flavors adventurous. Maria recently tried Salt & Straw, which she complained was waaay too overpriced. Sweet Rose is a nice middle ground.

Sweet Rose Creamery

Will we return: I'm not sure we would go out of our way, but if we were in Mid City looking for a treat, we'd stop by again.

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