Monday, October 27, 2014

Scenes From KCRW's Masquerade Party

KCRW masquerade

Maria and I dropped by the historic Park Plaza near MacArthur Park on Saturday night for KCRW's annual Halloween-themed Masquerade bash. The freaks were out -- and that's a good thing. Cool, clever and creepy costumes could be found everywhere, while we roamed the halls from ballroom to ballroom to check out DJ sets, live bands and acrobatics.

KCRW masquerade
Plenty of photo ops could be found throughout the Park Plaza, including this Marquis de Sade-esque scene.

KCRW masquerade
Creepiest mask ever? This baby costume (sorry, blurry pic was the best I could do) is now in my nightmares.

KCRW masquerade
The Park Plaza lobby served as the grand central gathering spot as people dashed from room to room.

KCRW masquerade
Above, Hollie Cook performs live. Later, Maria and I took a break to watch Tom Vek perform live. His set impressed.

KCRW masquerade
In one of the rooms, as the music blared, I encountered the Photobombing Panda.

So Maria and I didn't go overboard with our costumes. I was a (a man with a massive spider attached to him) and Maria was a cat... woman (a woman with cat ears).

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Anonymous said...

glad you enjoyed the baby mask

- creepy baby

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