Monday, November 24, 2014

KCRW's THE-SPIN-OFF: November Edition (Listen Now!)


Thanks to Diane Gordon for posting this photo collage; she joins me and Joe Adalian for this month's edition of the monthly KCRW podcast "The Spin-Off." This month we chat about:
We spend a lot of time talking about shows we love, but this month we spend some time on shows that went splat. Biggest busts, biggest disappointments, and rom-coms that had us falling out of love.

And since we last gathered, there are now even more options for watching TV shows without a cable or even basic television package. Sony will roll out a streaming TV package called PlayStation Vue. We talk over the top content delivery and what that could mean for the ever-changing media landscape.

Finally, networks and patience are two words you may not think about putting together, but there certain shows that will be never be hits that networks keep renewing. What’s the thinking there?

We discuss all that and more, plus our monthly downloads -- the stories or shows most top of our minds this month.

Listen by clicking below!

The Spin-Off

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