Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Rate-A-Restaurant #331: White Rabbit (Food Truck)

White Rabbit

Restaurant: White Rabbit Truck

Location: Food truck (various)

Type of restaurant: Filipino

White Rabbit

We stipulated: We were in downtown's Grand Park for the annual Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture, and it was lunch time. After a treat of halo halo, we decided to grab lunch. The White Rabbit truck, offering "Filipino Fusion," looked promising.

They stipulated: "The idea started with a tight group of friends noticing the lack of Filipino cuisine in the mainstream. They started with under $1000 and experimented with various menu items for nearly one year at their home kitchen. After sampling their cuisine to hundreds of friends and family. With the rise of the popularity of Filipino food, we noticed that there were no places that served true Filipino Fusion food."
White Rabbit

What we ordered: Chicken adobo bowl ($10)

High point:  I love the effort to bring Filipino cuisine to the mainstream, while giving it a twist.

Low point:  For $10, I figured there would be more chicken.

Overall impression: Decent. But it doesn't come close to Maria's spin on chicken adobo. (And it needed more sauce.)

Will we return: I'd be interested in trying more things on the menu.

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