Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The 99 Cents Only Lie

99 cents

It's in your name, 99 Cents Only Stores. 99 CENTS ONLY. So what's up with introducing items that are NOT 99 CENTS ONLY?

The introduction if items about 99 cents comes after the 99 Cents Only Stores already essentially cheated by changing its pricing to 99.9 cents -- essentially a dollar. But now things have gone too far. Perhaps a name change is in order.

(I emailed the 99 Cents Only store for comment over a week again but never heard back. Wonder what's next.)

1 comment:

cybele said...

I noticed that when I went in for some Halloween candy. Saw 8 ounce bags of Halloween M&Ms ... grabbed 3 bags and then found out they were 2 bucks!

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