Friday, December 05, 2014

Rate-A-Restaurant #337: Miss SaiGon (San Francisco)

Miss Saigon

Restaurant: Miss Saigon

Location: 100 6th St (San Francisco)

Type of restaurant: Vietnamese

Miss Saigon

We stipulated: The Vietnamese restaurant we planned to eat at, near our hotel, was too crowded, with a 45 minute wait. After a quick Yelp consultation, we decided to walk over to Miss SaiGon. (Yes, the "G" is capitalized.) Via a slightly sketchy street.

They stipulated: Christmas comes early to Miss Saigon. It was the first weekend of November, and already the decorations were up and the TV was playing "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." Ho ho ho.

Miss Saigon

What we ordered: Dau Hu Xau Rau Cai (Golden tofu stir-fried with vegetables in black bean sauce; $10.95); Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio Noodles (Vermicelli with grilled pork, egg roll, lettuce, cucumber, bean sprout; $8.95); Con Ga Ngu VI (Five spiced chicken served with steamed rice and vegetable; $8.25)

Miss Saigon

High point:  The pork chop.

Low point:  The veggies and tofu were way too deep fried.

Miss Saigon

Overall impression: Good prices. But strange environment.

Will we return: We're not in SF enough to really ever make a return.

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zerry ht said...

Wow!! Thanks for writing up this blog on popular San Francisco restaurants! I have been to Miss Saigon several times. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant. Mexican food is my favourite food. My fiancé hold all her parties at this amazing restaurant.

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