Sunday, November 08, 2015

Why Foodie (and "Everybody Loves Raymond" Creator) Phil Rosenthal Says L.A. is a Better Food Town Than New York

phil rosenthal

"Everybody Loves Raymond" creator Phil Rosenthal has a confession to make: In the battle between New York and Los Angeles, when it comes to food, L.A. is the winner.

Rosenthal, now the host of PBS’ "I’ll Have What Phil’s Having," is a New York native, so his change of allegiance carries some weight. After 25 years of living in L.A. and investing in the restaurant scene here, Rosenthal says it’s not even a contest.

“I’m declaring Los Angeles the winner,” Rosenthal told me recently for a TV Insider story. “And I’m a snobby New Yorker. Right now L.A. is the best food city in America. I’m proud of it. And I can prove it.”

Rosenthal tackled Los Angeles on a recent episode of "I’ll Have What Phil’s Having," which doubled as the show’s Season 1 finale. In the episode, Rosenthal takes his Raymond star Ray Romano to the Farmers’ Market for breakfast at Loteria; comedian Martin Short to chef Roy Choi’s Commissary; and Mom star Allison Janney to downtown’s historic Grand Central Market.

He also checks out a taco truck with The Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore, and takes legendary producer Norman Lear and actor Paul Reiser to Langer’s deli for the best pastrami sandwich in the country.

My friend Diane and I met up with Rosenthal at the famed Farmers’ Market (at the corner of 3rd and Fairfax), and yes, we had what Phil was having: Fresh seafood from Tusquellas Fish & Oyster Bar. Read our full conversation here.

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