Thursday, February 25, 2016

#ThrowbackThursday: How a 1991 Local Newscast Foreshadowed My TV Guide Tenure


I think I've well-established that I was obsessed with television as a kid... and really obsessed with TV Guide Magazine. (As in, I collected TV Guides. Created my own version. Programmed my own imaginary TV station. I could go on.)

Back in Honolulu, one of the weird things I would do was actually contact the local news stations. I interviewed several anchors for a school project (that's me above on the news set of KGMB in 1989 or 1990)... and I would sometimes send them goofy things in an attempt to get on the air. I especially bothered local ABC affiliate KITV--particularly its weather and sports folks, since they were pretty loose on the air and open to goofiness.

One day, while reading TV Guide, I saw an ad featuring a model who looked suspiciously like one of KITV's anchors. I sent it to the station... which ended up having some fun with it on air. Watch the clip below; toward the end of the clip, Dan Cooke namechecks me and even notes that I am a "future journalist and avid TV Guide reader." So true. Fast forward 25 years, and here I am at the magazine. It was meant to be!

Watch below (the namecheck is at the end):

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Just too good ...

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