Monday, May 30, 2016

Strong May for KTLA, While Other Local Stations See Major Erosion

During this crazy presidential campaign, are news viewers bypassing local TV to watch cable's national news coverage?

Besides the usual erosion facing all of broadcast TV, that's at least one theory that might explain explain major year-to-year drops that almost every station experienced this May vs. last. With a few exceptions, particularly KTLA (and some KCBS timeslots), almost every newscast saw dips.

To be fair, you can't discount the HUGE declines the network-owned stations suffered in primetime this May vs. last. Scroll down and gasp at the May-to-May drops for the networks in primetime this May. With one big exception: The CW on KTLA.

KTLA saw many of its newscasts experiencing solid total viewer lifts, and now dominates in the morning, led by its flagship "KTLA Morning News." KTLA also leads at 10 p.m. with both viewers and adults 25-54 (the key news demo), when sports reports are included. (KCAL jumps ahead to first when just the 45-minute newscasts are tallied.)

And at 11 p.m., KABC still leads with total viewers, but KNBC is tops with adults 25-54. The race is tight in the demo, however, with just 8,000 viewers separating first from third.

Other stations showing strong gains included KCBS, which experienced nice growth with its 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. newscasts. And KCAL improved its adult 25-54 audience during its weeknight 8 p.m. (up 18%), 9 p.m. (up 22%) and 10 p.m. (up 8%) newscasts.

Here are the May total viewers weekday ratings for the Los Angeles market, Monday through Friday in key news timeslots:

4:30 am
KTLA 50,000 (last May 39,000)
KABC 49,000 (last May 66,000)
KCBS 24,000 (last May 26,000)
KNBC 20,000 (last May 30,000)
KTTV 14,000 (last May 13,000)

KTLA 81,000 (last May 78,000)
KABC 68,000 (last May 91,000)
KNBC 40,000 (last May 44,000)
KTTV 28,000 (last May 40,000)
KCBS 24,000 (last May 34,000)

KTLA 166,000 (last May 169,000)
KABC 125,000 (last May 165,000)
KNBC 89,000 (last May 82,000)
KTTV 50,000 (last May 82,000)
KCBS 34,000 (last May 53,000)

KTLA/Morning News 203,900 (last May 196,000)
KABC/Good Morning America 158,000 (last May 174,000)
KNBC/Today 99,000 (last May 118,900)
KTTV/Good Day LA 69,000 (last May 96,000)
KCBS/CBS This Morning 44,000 (last May 74,000)

KABC 191,000 (last May 214,000)
KNBC 131,000 (last May 149,000)
KCBS 99,000 (last May 88,900)
KTTV 34,000 (last May 52,000)

KABC 202,000 (last May 214,000)
KNBC 132,000 (last May 141,000)
KCBS 96,000 (last May 80,000)
KTLA 64,000 (last May 56,000)

Primetime (Monday through Sunday)
KCBS 265,000 (last May 272,000)
KABC 250,000 (last May 343,000)
KNBC 202,000 (last may 237,000)
KTLA 109,000 (last May 104,000)
KTTV 98,000 (last May 138,000)

10pm (including sports report)
KTLA 147,000 (last May 135,000)
KCAL 119,000 (last May 138,000)
KTTV 74,000 (last May 98,000)

KABC 201,000 (last May 288,000)
KNBC 186,000 (last May 209,000)
KCBS 170,000 (last May 186,000)
KTLA 84,000 (last May 79,000)

Here are the May weekday ratings among adults 25-54 for the Los Angeles market, Monday through Friday in key news timeslots.

4:30 am
KTLA, KCBS (tie) 16,000
KABC 15,000
KNBC 10,000
KTTV 8,000

KTLA 28,000
KABC 21,000
KNBC 17,000
KCBS 15,000
KTTV 12,000

KTLA 71,000
KNBC 39,000
KABC 35,000
KTTV 26,000
KCBS 15,000

KTLA/Morning News 86,000
KNBC/Today 38,000
KABC/Good Morning America and KTTV/Good Day LA (tie) 35,000
KCBS/CBS This Morning 10,000

KABC 42,000
KNBC 38,000
KCBS 25,000
KTTV 21,000

KABC 37,000
KNBC 33,000
KCBS 27,000
KTLA 21,000

Primetime (Monday through Sunday)
KABC 87,000 (last May 142,000)
KCBS 78,000 (last May 79,000)
KNBC 75,000 (last May 103,000)
KTLA 53,000 (last May 46,000)
KTTV 48,000 (last May 67,000)

10pm (including sports report)
KTLA 52,000 (without: 55,000)
KCAL 50,000 (without: 57,000)
KTTV 44,000

KNBC 59,000
KABC 53,000
KCBS 51,000
KTLA 33,000


Anonymous said...

This doesn't make any sense, are these February numbers or May numbers? If anything you should compare this May numbers to the last ratings book, February. Clarify?

Anonymous said...

This is May numbers... KTLA press release has there numbers the same as those above

Anonymous said...

But read the article, says "February" multiple times at top and before 25-54.

Anonymous said...

Is the author reading this? Top of list of trails ratings says "February", read it and clarify pretty please.

Michael Schneider said...

My apologies, I used the template from February -- changed all the numbers but forgot to change the word "February" to "May." The lead of the article and all the references (but two) were for May. All fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michael for that. Did you publish last February's numbers perchance? Wanted to compare last two sweeps, drops are frightening for the industry!

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