Sunday, October 7, 2018

SpaceX Launch Marks the Twilight Skies Over Los Angeles

Unlike previous SpaceX rocket launches out of Vandenberg AFB, I actually saw several mentions on Twitter prior to Sunday evening event — which gave us enough warning to watch the skies (and not freak out over what we saw). It was a beautiful sight — and a huge success for SpaceX, which managed to successfully launch and land its Falcon 9.

Our pal Scott Lowe saw it first hand, from five miles from the launch site, and wrote on Facebook that it was "the most awe inspiring spectacle I’ve ever seen... The initial launch seemed as bright as the sun, the stage separation and nebulae cloud was jawdropping, and the violent eruption of flames from the first stage as it descended overhead, seemingly right on top of us, accompanied by multiple sonic booms was otherworldly."

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