Saturday, May 1, 2004

A Wake in Hollywood

As Franklin Avenue mentioned here two months ago, Hollywood's most unique attraction -- the Velaslavasay Panorama -- was about to be shut down.

Although not a well-known spot, the Panorama caught your eye while driving down Hollywood Blvd. Modeled after the panoramic art and exhibits popular up until the 18th century, the Velaslavasay featured a 70-foot painting by Sera Velas that depicted the L.A. Basin as it looked several hundred years ago.

The Panorama building will be razed to make room for a Whole Foods Market (a sign the area -- one of Hollywood's toughest -- is truly beginning gentrify).

Maria and I drove by the Panorama last Sunday, just as fans and friends of Vela (some dressed in period attire) came to say their goodbyes as part of a wake.

Things got vicious when the anger turned against Whole Foods -- and it appeared like a Whole Foods Market effigy would be burned.

Angry Panorama supporters lash out at Whole Foods

Crowd, some dressed in period attire, gets in on the act

The Panorama's website says the group is actively looking for a new home, now that their old haunt is officially over. But so far, nothing of note.

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