Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday Night Quarantine BBQ

Scenes from a pandemic quarantine... Saturday night is now outdoor barbecue and fire pit time (which usually means s'mores for the kids). It's another way we mark each week of this at-home experience. And also a good opportunity to take advantage of our new grill, which we got just a month or so before everything went down. Below, for posterity's sake, I'll continue to keep a tally of our weekly eats. We're not grill masters, but we do like to eat.

March 21: Turkey burgers and sausages

March 28: Fresh salmon and hot dogs

April 4: Pollo asado

April 11: Chorizo burger and regular burgers

April 18: Grilled pizzas (Two: Pepperoni and sausage/artichoke/sun dried tomato/spinach/peppers)

April 25: Sausages and hot dogs

May 2: Marinated chicken and pork

May 9: Fresh salmon and hot dogs

May 16: Sausages and hot dogs

May 23: Grilled pizzas

May 30: Marinated chicken and pork

June 6: Grilled pizzas (pepperoni on one; sausage/sun dried tomatoes/spinach on the other)

June 13: Sausages and hot dogs

June 20: Marinated tri-tip steak

June 28 (Sunday edition): Steak, sausage, hot dogs

July 4: Grilled cheese pizza, grilled sausage pizza

July 5: Bonus edition! Steak, grilled corn on the cob, harissa chicken

July 11: Hot dogs, sausage

July 18: Salmon, beyond burgers

July 25: BBQ chicken skewers, tomatoes, zucchini

Aug. 1: None (just back in the house after termite fumigation)

Aug. 8: Cheat night: Take out BBQ (brisket, baby back ribs, pulled pork) from Max City BBQ

Aug. 15: No BBQ because of construction; Thai delivery from Kozy Korner

Aug. 22: No BBQ because of construction; Korean BBQ from Kim's Kitchen

Aug. 29: No BBQ because of construction: Takeout from Rubio's

Sept. 5: No BBQ because of construction: Dinner via Blue Apron

Sept. 12: No BBQ because of construction: Pollo Saltado by Maria

Sept. 19: No BBQ because of construction: Blue Apron Seared Chicken and Honey Chipotle Sauce

Sept. 26: No BBQ because of construction: Pasta by Maria

Oct. 3: No BBQ because of construction; Maria and I attend "SNL" drive-in premiere event at Universal

Oct. 10: Chicken burgers with homemade guacamole

Oct. 17: Marinated tri-tip

Oct. 24: Chicken burgers

Nov. 1 (Moved to Sunday because of Saturday Halloween): Thin-crust pizzas (cheese and tomato; jalapeno chicken sausage and sun dried tomatoes)

Nov. 7: Marinated BBQ chicken and BBQ pork

Nov. 14: Chicken skewers and grilled tomatoes

Nov. 21: No BBQ due to the Great Los Angeles Walk (Thai delivery instead)

Nov. 28: Pollo asado and s'mores

Dec. 5: Chicken burgers, veggie burgers and fresh corn
Dec. 12: Persian-style chicken with tomatoes and peppers (BBQ outside, eat inside) 

Dec. 19: Andouille sausage and hot dogs (BBQ outside, eat inside)

Dec. 26: Grilled BBQ chicken pizza and grilled pepperoni pizza (plus s'mores!)

Jan. 2: Steak and jerk-marinated chicken, plus grilled zucchini. And burned a "2020" log.

Jan. 9: Hamburgers (eat inside)

Jan. 16: Boneless, skinless seasoned fajita chicken and Coleman natural seasoned and hardwood smoked St. Louis style pork spareribs in BBQ sauce

Jan. 24 (Sunday, due to rain on Saturday. Eat inside because of weather): Smoked brisket and Salt Lick Rub-seasoned chicken

Jan. 30: Grilled salmon and hamburgers with grilled zucchini and peppers  (BBQ outside, eat inside) 

Feb. 6: Grilled pepperoni pizza and grilled jalapeno sausage pizza with olives and orange bell pepper  (BBQ outside, eat inside) 

Feb. 13: St. Louis style BBQ pork ribs and veggies (BBQ outside, eat inside)

Feb. 20: Grilled chicken and beef fajitas, plus guacamole and homemade Mexican rice (BBQ outside, eat inside)
Feb. 27 Tri-tip, grilled tomatoes and peppers (BBQ outside, eat inside)

March 6: Salt Lick rub grilled chicken, bell peppers, squash and tomato (BBQ outside, eat inside)
March 13: Cheat night: Take out BBQ (brisket, baby back ribs, pulled pork) from Max City BBQ
March 21 (Moved to Sunday because of Nathan's spring break trip): Grilled pizzas: Grilled chicken sweet apple sausage with spinach and tomato sauce; grilled jalapeno chicken sausage with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and olive oil (BBQ outside, eat inside)

March 27: On location in Nipomo, Calif.: Cheese, crackers, hummus, artichoke spinach dip, more; plus s'mores

April 3: Turkey burgers with homemade buns; s'mores (back in the backyard!)
April 10: Dry rub BBQ chicken and grilled veggies (plus homemade guac) (BBQ outside, eat inside)

April 17: Lunchtime BBQ: Banh mi-style Asian Chicken sausage; also hot dogs

April 26 (Moved to Monday, due to Saturday dinner with Goldsmiths and Sunday night Oscars): Marinated BBQ chicken, beef fajita meat, various grilled veggies
May 1: Banh mi-style Asian Chicken sausage

May 8: No BBQ, instead tacos from Glassell Park's Angel's Tacos

May 16: [BBQ moved to Sunday] Fajita chicken, marinated pork and veggies

May 23: Beyond Burgers

May 30: Ooni pizza oven individual pizzas (tough first try!) 

May 31: Bonus BBQ with the Uys!

June 5: none (at the Rose Bowl for "Pose" FYC event)

June 12: none

June 19: none (Amazon Prime Video "Small Axe" FYC event)

June 26: Chorizo burgers

[break for Hawaii trip and other things]

July 18: Another rough Ooni pizza oven attempt! [eat indoors]
July 25: BBQ chicken as part of Blue Apron meal [eat indoors]

Aug. 1: Pollo asado [eat indoors]

Aug. 7 (special Friday edition): Marinated chicken; BBQ ribs; veggies
Aug. 15: Villar family gathering; Casa Bianca pizza
Aug. 21: No BBQ 
Aug. 28: No BBQ; Villar family gathering at CPK Encino

Sept. 6: Labor day edition! Ribs, marinated chicken

Sept. 11: No BBQ

Sept. 18: No BBQ

Sept. 26: Move to Sunday; Chicken kabobs, sausage and hot dogs (eat inside)

Oct. 3: Pork hamburgers, tater tots, sweet potato fries

Oct. 25: Lunch time turkey burgers

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