Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dr. Drew Pinsky on Why He's Saying Goodbye to "Loveline" After 32 Years

Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew Pinsky wasn't ready to give up the nationally syndicated radio show "Loveline," even though he hasn't been paid a salary in over a year.

But when co-host Mike Catherwood departed at the end of March, Pinsky knew it was time to finally pull the plug. After 32 years of dispensing relationship and health advice five nights a week, Pinsky will host the final episode of the call-in advice show on Thursday night.

"It's been strictly pro bono for a year, and virtually pro bono for two years," Pinsky said. The host agreed to eliminate his salary in order to keep the show alive. "I took a profit share, whatever was left over. And there was nothing. My feeling was that it was something I enjoyed, something I was deeply committed to."

Pinsky said he also valued, as he aged, the ability to keep his "hand on the pulse, hearing in real time what's going on with young people in this country. I would hear everything first. I'm going to really miss that, knowing what's going on in young people's lives today."

Still, after Catherwood exited last month, "it wasn’t clear that [Los Angeles flagship radio station] KROQ was terribly interested in continuing the program five days a week," he said. "I thought, rather than drive this thing into the ground, it was time."

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Monday, April 25, 2016

THE SPIN-OFF: "The Late Late Show with James Corden" Executive Producer on Carpool Karaoke and Conquering the U.S. in Year One

On the latest edition of KCRW's The Spin-Off, Joe and I chat with "The Late Late Show with James Corden" executive producer Ben Winston about the late-night show's tremendous first year:

Ben Winston's career in television can be traced back to one specific moment when his sister pushed him to take an unpaid, far-away TV internship over a cushy sports management job.

Now the executive producer of The Late, Late Show with James Corden on CBS, Winston takes us through his career, from first meeting Corden years ago to directing a documentary to working with One Direction and Simon Cowell.

He also reflects on the first year of The Late, Late Show, tells us why YouTube numbers matter for a late night show, and gives us his dream list of future Carpool Karaoke singers (which, sadly, included Prince).

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cleaning the Los Angeles River with a Few New Friends

LA River cleanup

We probably spend more time down at the Los Angeles River than most, as it is easily the Franklin Avenue Four's favorite biking destination. On Saturday, it was time to give back. For the second year in a row, Evan and I joined in on the Friends of the Los Angeles River's annual LA River CleanUp: La Gran Limpieza.

Actually, the LA River cleanup takes place over three weekends -- which means there's still a chance to join in next Saturday. Evan really enjoyed it last year, and we've been talking about it for the past year -- so he was excited to get down and dirty again, pulling out trash (especially plastic bags -- ugh) and trying to make the River a nicer place.

LA River cleanup

The River is in particular trashy shape this time of year, after the rains. The trees and plantlife catch a ton of trash, and some of it is so wrapped around the vegetation that it's hard to remove. But we did our best.

LA River cleanup

This group got a little obsessed with a deeply buried shopping cart, and spent several hours unearthing it.

LA River cleanup

Finally, success!

LA River cleanup

These people found a large platform (from a grocery store, perhaps?)

LA River cleanup

We met up at Marsh Park, along the river in Frogtown; there were spots all down the river to join in.

LA River cleanup

More of us cleaning the river.

LA River cleanup

The cleanup continues in along the Lower River on April 30 at 9 a.m. Locations include: Compton Creek @ Artesia Station, Compton Creek @ Del Amo Station, Golden Shore Marine Reserve and Willow Street Estuary.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

R.I.P., Sport Chalet

Sports Chalet

Another one bites the dust. This one is extra sad for Southern California, as Sport Chalet is (was) a local success story, born in 1959 in La Canada Flintridge. The chain, which was sold in 2014 to Vestis Retail Group, announced today that it is shutting down:
Today Sport Chalet will begin the process of closing all of our stores and will stop selling merchandise online. Store closing sales will begin at the open of business today and continue over the next several weeks, offering customers the opportunity to take advantage of great sales. Our online store will stop selling merchandise on April 16th, but you may visit our website, to find the location closest to you.

Sport Chalet gift cards, rewards certificates and store credits will be honored in Sport Chalet stores through April 29th, 2016. Customers who are unable to visit us before this date are invited to transfer gift card balances to a gift card from one of our sister stores, Eastern Mountain Sports or Bob's Stores through July 29th, 2016. To transfer your balance, please contact customer service at (888) 801-9162 and an agent will assist you.

We also ask that you pick up any equipment that had been left in one of our stores for repair no later than April 29th, 2016 and ask you to return Sport Chalet rental equipment before this date.

Thank you for your loyalty over the years. We hope to see you at our store closing sales.
Norbert Olberz, who founded Sport Chalet with his wife Irene, died in 2011. The shut down is a huge blow to the La Canada Flintridge business community. Sport Chalet had also just opened a major flagship story in downtown Los Angeles three years ago. Sport Chalet was 57.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Scenes from 2016's Festival of Books

Book festival

Rain wasn't going to stop us from attending the annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books -- and we were far from the only people braving the elements and driving down to USC to check out this year's event. Parking was at a premium (we lucked out and found a spot on a nearby street) -- but once inside, there were the usual sites to see. We headed straight for the childrens' areas, where the Blogger Boys picked up a few new books. Some sights from this year's festival:

Book festival

Book festival

Book festival

Book festival

Book festival
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