Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Monday, April 12, 2021

Rate-A-Restaurant #408: Cluck & Blaze (Glendale)

Restaurant: Cluck & Blaze

Location: 4000 San Fernando Rd. (Glendale)

Type of restaurant:
 Hot chicken sandwiches

We stipulated:
Time to resume new food Sunday! There are no shortage of hot chicken joints, but I had read good things about their Long Beach location -- from people excited to see them open in Glendale. Time to check it out!

They stipulated:
Something called "comeback sauce" is their signature condiment. Heat levels range: Chicken (No Heat); You Can Do Better (Mild); Better (Medium); Feel it Twice (Hot); Call Mom (Extra Hot) and Call The Morgue (Death).

What we ordered
: The Main Chick -- Hot (Breast Fillet, Coleslaw, Pickles and our signature Comeback Sauce; $11); The Main Chick Combo - Medium (The Main Chick + 1 Side + 1 Beverage; $13.99); Cluckin' Mac - Medium (Chicken tender, bed of fries, creamy cheesy Mac N' Cheese, and spice; $7).
High point:
Nice spice and HUGE sandwich!

Low point
: None that comes to mind.

Overall impression:
Add it to the list of solid hot chicken slingers in the area.

Will we return:
  Sure, although I may try the smaller "side chick" sandwich, at $6, next time.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Socially Distanced Road Trip: Spring Break in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

 Two years ago, I took Evan up to the Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks for Spring Break. Last year was a wash, of course, but this year was Nathan's turn. Things were a bit different because of COVID -- certain shops weren't open, and we tried to be as safe and socially distanced as possible. But the nature was still beautiful. And as you'll see below, there was even a fresh overnight snowfall. (We brought up chains just in case, but thankfully the roads are regularly plowed and we didn't need to use them.)

Bonus: Field of wildflowers on the side of the road we found on the drive up.

We stayed at the Montecito-Sequoia Resort, located between the two parks. A wonderful spot, and as a bonus, the meals are included. Normally it's served buffet style, but due to COVID, it's currently handed out cafeteria style. You can eat outdoors or in your room... or now, inside, socially distanced.

Those giant sequoias!

Required visit is both the General Grant and General Sherman trees.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Socially Distanced Road Trip: The Last Surviving Woolworth's Lunch Counter, Found in Bakersfield

On the way to the Sequoias, I told Nathan we were making a quick detour to downtown Bakersfield. I wanted to check out the last remaining Woolworth's lunch counter. Not necessarily to eat there, since I'm still not quite ready to eat at an indoors restaurant. But at least to see it and poke around.

Amazing. The old signage is still up. Woolworth's officially shut down all of its five and dime stores in 1997, although the company exists to this day as Foot Locker. Most Woolworth stores are long gone, but this one in Bakersfield has been repurposed as an antiques store.

And here's the diner. Because of the wait, and the aforementioned desire not to eat inside at a restaurant just yet, we were fine with just looking.

This Fun Chicken machine would be fun to have! But way too expensive.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Rate-A-Restaurant #407: The Donut Hole (La Puente)

: The Donut Hole

Location: 15300 Amar Rd (La Puente)

Type of restaurant:

We stipulated: There are landmarks in Southern California that I still can't believe we've never visited. I'd seen photos of The Donut Hole through the years, but had never visited. In search of a fun, quick Sunday morning adventure, I figured it was time to take the family out for some donuts.

They stipulated:
Per Wikipedia: "An example of programmatic architecture, the building is shaped like two giant donuts through which customers drive to place their orders. The bakery is one of the most photographed donut shops in the United States."

What we ordered
: Various donuts including a strawberry; glazed cronut; maple bar; and froot loops covered.

High point:
These were good donuts. Happy to see the taste and quality of the donuts be worth the drive, beyond just the architecture.

Overall impression:
That was a fun mini-adventure. I hope they keep The Donut Hole alive forever. (Perhaps time for a new paint job.)

Will we return:
  Definitely a place to visit again, especially with out-of-town guests.