Monday, September 14, 2020

Climate Change, On Full Display. What Will It Take to Act?

The west coast is in the midst of a true apocalypse. I hope you're staying safe, and keeping indoors given the unhealthy air outside... on top of the pandemic and everything else going on. The climate change crisis is real, and immediate, and we can't afford to ignore, and I hope this at least serves as the alarm bells this country desperately needs to get back on track in promoting policies and behavior that can help save our ever-increasingly fragile planet.

Speaking of which, this Wednesday I speak to storytellers and philanthropists Norman and Lyn Lear in the Variety Streaming Room all about sustainability and the environment, as part of Variety's virtual series "Sustainability in Hollywood" presented by Toyota Mirai. The Lears have been involved in so many different, important causes for decades, with the environment being a key one. We talk about that, and yes, it's good to be reminded that there are people working hard to make a difference.

Register here

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Rate-A-Restaurant #390: Pocha LA (Highland Park)

: Pocha LA

Location: 6101 York Blvd. (Highland Park)

Type of restaurant: Mexican

We stipulated: I wanted to try Pocha LA for my birthday, but they were closed on Monday. Nonetheless, I've heard amazing things about their tacos, so we decided to order it for our movie night on Wednesday.

They stipulated: Take out only right now. Also interestingly, no chicken. Meats are beef, pork or turkey.

What we ordered
: Pocha Guacamole with chips, 6 oz. (avocado, scallions, cilantro, white onion, citrus) $4.75; short rib/brisket tacos (beef short rib & brisket braised in New Mexico chile sauce) $4 each; al pastor tacos (grilled pork in our signature marinade) $4 each; recado puerco molido tacos (Yucatan-spiced ground pork sauteed with sweet peppers) $4 each; turkey mole tacos (Abuelito's mole poblano) $4.75 each; elote a la Pocha (grilled corn on the cob with habanero cream, cotija cheese and cilantro). 

High point:  The guacamole was fantastic, with the right amount of citrus. Also enjoyed the mole, and the kids seemed to like the puerco. Also, the salsas were great, with a nice dose of spice.

Low point:  The grilled pork and the short rib were a bit too dry.

Overall impression: Didn't quite live up to the hopes we had. It was fine.

Will we return:  Not immediately, and alas Guisado's is still our taco champ. But an ok alternative.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Outdoor Movies: Enjoying "Bill & Ted Face the Music" in a New COVID-Era Theater World

Our friends the Goldsmiths invited us over to their backyard last weekend for a movie premiere we've been excitedly waiting for "Bill & Ted Face the Music." The two families split the $20 VOD fee, making it quite an economical night out at the movies. We brought chairs, they had the ice cream sandwiches... and of course, the projector and inflatable screen.

The movie itself? To quote Ted "Theodore" Logan and Bill S. Preston, Esq.: "Excellent!" After a bit of a miss with the 1991 sequel, and then a 29-year wait for the third installment, the team behind "Bill & Ted" have taken the best parts of what worked from both films, and added even more story and heart to the third edition. And in the end, they actually figure out a story that is weirdly plausible in how Wyld Stallyns music truly united the world.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Faces, Messages and More on My Nightly Walks

Some shots from my nightly evening walks around the neighborhood. Along with the NELA Safari I mentioned in a previous post, these sights have made my COVID walks enjoyable and memorable.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Happy National Dog Day to the One and Only Jacks


It's a pretty doggone good life for Jacks. Happy National Dog Day to our furry pal (who just celebrated his birthday this month as well)!

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