Sunday, August 29, 2021

LA Press Club Reveals SoCal Journalism Awards Nominations; Here Are My Three

The LA Press Club's SoCal Journalism Awards nominations are out, and I have three nods in the mix! Here are the categories, which include some of my own Variety colleagues as well!

G8. PERSONALITY PROFILE, Film/TV Personalities
* Seth Abramovitch, The Hollywood Reporter, "Pee-wee Herman’s “Dark” Reboot: Paul Reubens Is Ready to Stage a Comeback"
* Antonia Blyth, Deadline Hollywood, "Kathy Bates On ‘Richard Jewell’ Controversy: 'I Worried It Would Affect How People Would Feel Toward The Film'"
* Daniel D'Addario, Variety, "‘Pose’ Star Indya Moore Reflects on Activism and the Road Ahead"
* Angelique Jackson, Variety, "Man of Action: Tyler Perry on Producing During the Pandemic and Why He’s Weighing in on Politics"
* Michael Schneider, Variety, "Andre Braugher Reexamines His Cop Roles and Urges ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ to Rise to the Moment"

* Tim Chan, Rolling Stone, "Corey Feldman Names Alleged Abusers in Long-Awaited Film"
* Chris O'Falt, IndieWire, "The Unbridgeable Divide: How True/False’s Celebrated Partnership With an Evangelical Church Imploded"
* Michael Schneider, Variety, "Radio Stations Make Early Flip to All-Christmas Music, Seeking Holiday — and Ratings — Cheer"
* Brian Steinberg, Variety, "Night Shift: Inside Late-Night TV’s Coronavirus Chaos"
* Beatrice Verhoeven and Sharon Waxman, TheWrap, "Hollywood Shuns Jamal Khashoggi Doc ‘The Dissident’ Over Fear of Saudi Backlash, Insiders Say"

K3B. ENTERTAINMENT NEWS, Music/Performing Arts
* Steve Appleford, Los Angeles Times, "Who created Nirvana’s famed smiley-face logo? A legal battle gets a new claimant"
* Jem Aswad, Variety, "How Kamala Harris Built a Power Base in the Music Industry"
* Joel Beers, Voice of OC, "Stages Theatre, a Mainstay for 28 Years on the Local Theater Scene, Closes Its Doors"
* Shirley Halperin and Leena Tailor, Variety, "Jason Derulo Sparks Outrage Down Under for Lifting Polynesian Teen’s TikTok Hit"
* Michael Schneider, Variety, "The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne Hopes to Tour – With the Audience in Plastic Bubbles"

Here's where you can read those three stories: Andre Braugher Reexamines His Cop Roles and Urges ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ to Rise to the Moment

Radio Stations Make Early Flip to All-Christmas Music, Seeking Holiday — and Ratings — Cheer

"The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne Hopes to Tour – With the Audience in Plastic Bubbles

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

CBS Considers Selling its Radford Lot in Studio City, Potentially Another End of an Era

ViacomCBS’ sell-off of its iconic real estate properties may next include the CBS Studio Center, popularly known as the “CBS Radford lot,” in Studio City. In a memo to staffers, CBS CEO George Cheeks confirmed that it had hired commercial real estate firm JLL to explore a potential sale of the Radford campus.

The news comes following last week’s sale of CBS’ iconic New York headquarters, the Black Rock skyscraper, for $760 million to real estate investment firm Harbor Group International. In Los Angeles, CBS Corp. sold its similarly iconic Television City property in the Fairfax district to real estate investment company Hackman Capital Partners for $750 million in 2018.

CBS’ entertainment division had long been based out of Television City, but moved to the Radford lot in 2008. KCBS, which had been based at Columbia Square, and KCAL, which moved in with KCBS when the stations became a duopoly, decamped for the Radford lot in 2007. In recent years, CBS Radford expanded and built new structures, including its CBS Television facilities, to handle the addition of the TV stations, the entertainment division and the addition of shows such as “Entertainment Tonight.”

Originally the Mack Sennett and then the Republic Pictures lot, CBS began leasing studio space in the early 1960s; by 1967, it had purchased the lot and renamed it CBS Studio Center. With 18 soundstages, CBS Radford has become particularly known for being the homebase over the years for some of the biggest sitcoms on TV, including “Seinfeld.”

CBS continues to lease production space at Television City (including the “Price is Right” and “Late Late Show with James Corden” stages), and per Cheeks’ memo, that would likely also be the case with CBS Radford. “I can tell you that regardless of whether Radford is sold, we will ensure we have the studio capacity to support our leading broadcast and production businesses,” he wrote.

It’s expected that even if some CBS departments move off the lot following the sale, KCBS/KCAL is expected to remain, given the specific utility of its broadcast center. Meanwhile, now that Viacom and CBS have re-merged, the combined company would still own the famed Paramount lot on Melrose, even as it sells off its other facilities.

Read more at Variety here.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

School Resumes, Back in Person

 After a year of mostly remote education, the kids are heading back to class this week -- and now that the Blogger Kid is in the 7th grade, he'll be back at the same school and with the same schedule as the Blogger Teen (11th grade)! Nathan has his first vax shot, having just turned 12, and Evan is fully vaccinated. They're wearing masks all day, weekly COVID tests are required, and the school is very conscious of safety.  Of course, on day one, the line snaked down the block as it took time to check everyone's negative test. I'm sure things will move better through the week, but it was a bit chaotic as expected in day one. Nonetheless, the kids eventually got to class, and the day was a success. There's a big difference in having them back in class -- both for them and for us!

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Another Birthday for Jacks


Oh yeah, it's the Blogger Kid's day too! But here's Jacks, celebrating with a delicious frosted bone.