Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Time to Make the Donuts... And Doublecheck Your Facts
Dunkin' Donuts recently announced plans to add espresso to its menu -- a move SoCal author Joseph Wambaugh ("Fire Lover") has fun with in Tuesday's L.A. Times. The former cop-turned-scribe wrote a short, whimsical op-ed piece, describing how the shocker might impact his old LAPD buddies (thanks to L.A. Observed for pointing it out).

Tongue in cheek, Wambaugh -- who lives in Rancho Mirage -- imagines the reaction of one black-coffee LAPD lifer, who calls Dunkin' Donuts' decision "the apocalypse."

One problem: Dunkin' Donuts doesn't operate in Los Angeles. Or the entire state, for that matter. Oops.

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