Sunday, July 10, 2005

Lotus Lowdown

Maria was busy Saturday printing wedding invitations on her letterpress for an MPress Studio client (yes, that's a not-so-subtle reminder that you should contact her to create the coolest, most reasonably priced announcements/invitations in all the land), so I grabbed Blogger Baby and headed down to Echo Park for this year's Lotus Festival.

The annual event celebrates the giant pink flowers that emerge every summer from the lotus bed in the northwest corner of Echo Park. According to the park's history, no one knows who initially planted the lotus -- legend has it that they were planted by missionaries from the nearby Angelus Temple after returning from work in China.

Celebrating Asian and Pacific Island culture, the Lotus Festival boasts food, various arts and crafts booths, small and big time vendors and a wide variety of music and dance performances. We got there early on Saturday -- which means we got decent parking, and had a chance to check things out before Blogger Baby got too antsy. Some shots:

The festival continues all day Sunday. Parking at several nearby schools and lots is free.

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