Sunday, July 31, 2005

Stupid Criminal Tricks: Glendale Galleria Edition

From the Glendale Focus community paper:

Suspects Make Bad Choice in Attempted Laptop Sale

Off-duty Glendale Police Officers Armando Montalvo and Christopher Griffin were shopping together at the Glendale Galleria July 12 when they were approached by Mario Bell and Michelle White. Bell and White offered to sell the officers laptop computers. Bell said he had two laptops for sale and that even though they were valued at over $2,000 each, he would ask only $700 a piece.

The officers accompanied Bell and White to the Galleria parking garage to look at the computers. Montalvo asked if the computers were stolen. Bell replied that he had used a stolen credit card to purchase them. Montalvo and Griffin then told Bell they had a friend who would be interested and they would call him.

Montalvo did indeed make a phone call to friends -- fellow Glendale police officers who work in the police department's Galleria substation.

Turns out the "laptops" weren't even real -- they were black binders made to look like computers and placed inside Sony laptop cases.

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