Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Local Newspapers Dot Com

The Daily News was testing out its redesign today, complete with new banner... and a prominantly placed picture of Jesus. Really.

(The photo in question was a copy of the painting "Crucifixion," illustrating a story about an 1890s painting by Polish artist Jan Styka "that is being restored in hopes of a Good Friday unveiling" -- but nonetheless, interesting choice of graphics to relaunch the page.)

Here's how the paper described the change: DailyNews.com is getting a makeover. This special sneak preview is available until 5:00 pm. What do you think about our new site? Email us at: newsite@dailynews.com

As of 5:05 p.m., however, the redesign is still up. (UPDATE: The site is back to its old design at 5:30, and the center photo is now from today's Canadian plane crash.)

Meanwhile, across town it looks the L.A. Times' website has quietly dropped its "Pacific Time" feature, in favor of a "featured photo gallery." The Pacific Time box was a part of the site's massive redesign earlier this year, and was meant to highlight features of local interest. But the box shrunk overtime to make room for an ad and other headlines... and now appears to be gone altogether.

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