Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Save the "76" Meatball!

We first told you about the disappearance of ConocoPhillips' decision to ax the 76 gas station's longtime orange-and-blue color scheme last August and its decision, more strikingly, to eliminate its classic, ball-shaped 76 gas station signs (in favor of flattened ones) in October.

Now the 1947project has picked up the ball (pun intended) and has launched an online petition to convince ConocoPhillips to save the iconic signage:

We, the undersigned, as consumers with an abiding fondness for the striking, historic and uniquely Californian blue and orange ball-shaped Union 76 logo, be it on tall metal poles or car antennae (since 1967), hereby call on ConocoPhillips to reconsider their alteration of the 115-year-old brand, to cease replacing spherical blue and orange 76 balls at gas stations with flattened blue and red disks, and to restore the beloved spheres to the poles where they belong.

In some places (including the corner of Hyperion and Griffith Park, above), it's already too late.

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