Monday, April 17, 2006

225 Ways to Celebrate Los Angeles

The L.A. City Nerd blog takes our weekend post on Los Angeles' upcoming 225th birthday and runs with it.

The 'Nerd plans to come up with 225 different ways to celebrate Los Angeles, rather than wait for the city to come up with an event itself. (Other than the Los Pobladores Walk which, who knows, we may do this year!)

Some of the Nerd's early picks include visiting Olvera Street; checking out the Watts Towers (above); exploring the Venice Canals; seeing the Korean Friendship Bell; and my favorite so far (of course):

4. Have a Philipe's French Dip, a Tommy's Burger, a Pink's Hot Dog, an El Cholo Green Corn Tamale (May through October only), and a Diddy Reese Ice Cream Sandwich in that order and within 3 hours. (It's been done before, so I say: do it again!)

LAist is also getting into the act, posting five ideas in addition to the LA City Nerd's initial 15.

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