Monday, July 17, 2006

Countdown to Macy's

The farewell to Robinsons-May is right around the corner. The department store's website (above) is now just a promo for the switchover (in other words, no more online shopping) and a link to If you've seen Robinsons-May's latest newspaper ads, they tout "NOW A PART OF THE MACY'S FAMILY" in large type underneath the logo.

And the most striking change is taking place at the stores: The Robinsons-May nameplate has already been removed at several malls, replaced by a cheap, temporary banner with the logo. Those banners are covering up the Macy's logo... so that when the official transfer of power happens at the end of next month, just a simple yank of those banners will reduce the Robinsons-May name to just a memory.

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