Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fox 11 + MySpace = MyFoxLA

Fox 11/KTTV, which has long been stuck with the worst website of any local station (well, except sister KCOP, which still has an even worse -- and stagnant -- one), is finally getting serious about its online presence.

The Fox TV Stations group is taking a page from News Corp.'s MySpace phenomenon and building a network of local "My Fox" websites. That means here in L.A., Fox 11 will soon replace its current site (www.fox11.com) with www.myfoxla.com. (In New York, the site will be www.myfoxny.com, and so on.)

The new Fox 11 site contains much more content than the previous site, which only contained news headlines and station info for the most part.

News Corp. is really getting infatuated with that whole "My (blank)" terminology. Their My Network TV programming service launches locally on KCOP/Channel 13 (which has just been given the new nickname "My13") on Sept. 5.

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