Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Los Angeles: Come for the Sunshine, Stay for the Terrible Roads

The L.A. Times asks its online readers to choose the worst stretch of highway out of the list above... and it's probably no surprise that the clusterf--- that is the 405/101 interchange is No.1, according to their votes. Just try to hop from the 101 North to the 405 South at virtually any time of the day -- it's a long process.

The paper, meanwhile, doesn't think that much can be done immediately to help revolve California's highway crisis. Details:

California's highways, the system's most costly feature by far, were once the nation's gold standard. But as the interstate highway network celebrates its 50th anniversary and the summer driving season accelerates, the state is known for something else: some of the busiest, most dilapidated and under-financed roads in the country.

Over the last several years, money for highway projects has virtually disappeared, the victim of budget crises, stagnant federal funding and a gas tax that has not been raised in a decade.

Check out the roster of California's worst roads -- including recommendations on how to fix them -- here.

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