Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Onion Comes to Los Angeles

Finally! The Onion will distribute a Los Angeles print edition for the first time starting next month.

August 10 is the launch date here. According to the Onion's media kit, its initial Los Angeles run will be just 50,000 papers, distributed at 1,000 locations:

With a distribution network composed of high-traffic street boxes, bookstores, music venues, restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, and retailers both large and small, The Onion circulates 50,000 papers to its loyal readership every week. The paper is strategically located in areas where our core audience of young, affluent opinionleaders lives, works, and socializes, maximizing advertising exposure. noted last March that the paper was looking for a "culture-savvy writer to work as the Los Angeles City Editor," overseeing the local elements of the Onion A.V. Club.

When I lived in Chicago ten years ago, I used to pick up the print version of The Onion every week. Here in Los Angeles, I've had to make do with the online version for the past 10 years. Fine, but there's something about seeing the famed satirical news source in print that makes it even more, well, subversive. Welcome, The Onion, to SoCal!

(Hat tip to Joe.)

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