Sunday, July 16, 2006

Press Release of the Day: Survivor -- No, the Band. Really. The Band? -- Edition

Several questions arise from this release, which came across my desk Friday:

1. Who?
2. He's leaving the megahit CBS reality show?
3. Wait, you're talking about the band Survivor? They still exist?
4. How do you write a press release about the band Survivor and not include an "Eye of the Tiger" pun?
5. "Kasey Kaseem"? It's called Google, people. Unless, of course, they're talking about Jimi Jamison's Memphis neighbor Kasey Kaseem, unrelated to radio DJ Casey Kasem.
6. Who?

Vocal Legend Jimi Jamison Leaves Survivor

Vocal Legend Jimi Jamison Leaves Survivor to pursue touring and recording with his Jimi Jamison All Star Band. Jimi Jamison rated by Kasey Kaseem as one of the greatest Rock Vocalists of All-Time resigned in early 2006 from Survivor.

Memphis, Tenn July 15, 2006 -- Jimi Jamison, rated by Kasey Kaseem as one of the greatest Rock Vocalists of All-Time, has resigned from Rock Band Survivor over creative, contractual and long term simmering business differences with Frank Sullivan. Jamison who has been in the forefront of the band on most of the hit songs that the band had in the top 10 has been miffed in recent years by the band's use of his vocal performances on records and in movies, films etc. without royalty or any monetary payment for his vocal performance or contributions to the band and its success.

Creative differences also between Jamison and Sullivan over the direction of the music, the quality of the songs and their creative content as well as Jiimi wanting to make the LIVE show more exciting to fans have led Jamison to say enough is enough.

Vincent Wolanin, Chairman of TopNotch® Entertainment commented, "Jimi Jamsion is known as the contemporary legendary voice of Survivor and it got to the point where there was never going to be a meeting of the minds between Sullivan and him so Jimi said best to be on my own and let the fans judge me for who I am as a singer, songwriter and performer as my goal is to make them feel good always"

Jimi Jamison will continue playing LIVE and recording with his own band the Jimi Jamison Band an All-Star Band and will press on playing LIVE all his HITS from Survivor, Cobra, Target, and the ones he did as the honorary member of ZZ Top. Also on tap for Jamison is his All-Star Band featuring the lead vocalists from other famous bands under the banner the Vocal Legends™ Show creatively produced by TopNotch® Entertainment Corp.

Wait, Mark Burnett has nothing to do with this? And where is Jeff Probst in all of this? I'm confused.

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