Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rate-A-Restaurant, #109 in a series

Restaurant: Blue Hen

Location: 1743 Colorado Blvd. (Eagle Rock)

Type of restaurant: Vietnamese

We stipulated: It was a busy weekend -- I had press tour for much of it, while Maria was left to mostly deal with Evan's fever. So we decided to treat ourselves to an early Sunday dinner -- and we've wanted to try Blue Hen, as we continue to eat our way through neighboring Eagle Rock.

They stipulated: Almost everything is organic, including the chicken, tofu and dairy. Also, no reservation is necessary -- and kids are welcome; there's even an item on the menu for the little ones.

What we ordered: Fresh Spring Rools, $5.75 (Vietnamese spring rolls stuffed with organic chicken or tofu served with a peanut and soy butter sauce); Carmelized Ginger Chicken and Tofu, $8.75 (Braised organic chicken and tofu served with rice and side of market greens); Tomato and Basil Tofu, $9.25 (Slightly crispy organic tofu with tomato and served with rice and a side of market greens). For Blogger Baby: Baby Hen, $5.25 (Vietnamese noodle soup with fries). To drink: Lime Tonic, $2.50 (Fresh squeezed organic limes and sparkling water)

High point: The service was great, as the waitress -- herself a new parent -- brought out crayons to entertain Evan.

Low point: Unfortunately, the stellar service and pleasant decor couldn't mask the lackluster food. The chicken was dry and tasted old (not exactly organic); the tomato tofu was nothing special; and the brown rice we ordered (50 cents extra) was dry.

Overall impression: In the battle of the new, hip neighborhood "Vietnamese" spots around our neck of the woods, Indochine easily has Blue Hen beat, no contest.

Chance we will go back: Not likely.

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