Friday, August 25, 2006

Coming Soon to a Jay Leno Monologue Near You

This is the kind of thing that plays into every stereotype outsiders have about Southern California. (And it doesn't help that it's tailor-made for the usual too-obvious "They're nutty out here" jokes by the likes of Jay Leno.)

Dateline Beverly Hills: According to the L.A. Times, city officials are considering replacing the brand-spanking new concrete sidewalks on Rodeo Drive with... granite (can't wait to see people slipping on their asses after a rainstorm):

City Manager Roderick Wood wants to start jack-hammering the dull concrete sidewalks along Rodeo Drive and surrounding streets — home to some of the world's fanciest boutiques including Prada, Gucci, Cartier and Tiffany — and replace them with glimmering Kenoran Sage granite pavers.

Never mind that the city just wrapped up a $16-million, two-year streetscape makeover that included new concrete sidewalks.

"Places like Las Vegas and Dubai and enclaves like Vail and Martha's Vineyard and developments like the Grove, Century City and South Coast Plaza are eroding the base of the long-established markets and specifically in Beverly Hills," Wood counseled the City Council this week.

"The greatest peril in today's luxury market is for one to rely on history only to become history."

Rodeo Drive's new concrete walkways would be "a very nice addition in Riverside or Indio," Wood said. But "even in places like Fresno," far-sighted officials have begun jazzing up their city streets.

Ooh, SNAP! Riverside? Indio? You gonna take that smack? (Sorry, Fresno, but he's got a point in your case -- you do blow.)

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