Wednesday, August 23, 2006

L.A.'s Days of Infamy

Another great game from the L.A. City Nerd: What was the worst day in Los Angeles history?

The Nerd times it to the upcoming release of the "Bad Day LA" video game, although I suppose we could also time it to L.A.'s upcoming 225th birthday. Says the Nerd:

I would say that, in the last 225 years, the worst day in the history of the City of Los Angeles could be any of the following:

October 24, 1871

August 11, 1965

April 29, 1992

Perhaps there are other days in Los Angeles History that are worse for a specific region (the Valley: January 17, 1994), a specific neighborhood (Bel-Air: November 6, 1961) or for a specific sector (old "Hollywood elite": April 1, 1995). Or maybe, it's your personal worst day.

In case you didn't know, all three dates are attached to riots that scarred the city for years to come.

October 24, 1871: The Los Angeles Chinese Massacare

August 11, 1965: Start of the Watts Riots

April 29, 1992: Start of the Rodney King verdict riots

The Nerd asks what you would add to the list. Of course, the March 12, 1928 collapse of the St. Francis Dam, which ultimately killed more than 400 people, was a terrible moment in L.A. history; so have been earthquakes through the years, most recently, of course, in Northridge. What else comes to mind?

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