Monday, August 07, 2006

Los Angeles: Ad Town

This is an unusual one: An ad for Carl's Jr., but shot at Canter's Deli. Why would Canter's agree to such a thing? Take a look at the prominent shot of Canter's logo -- that's some nice free publicity. I'm sure Canter's also pocketed a nice bit of change for allowing the commercial to shoot there.

The ad is for the return of Carl's Jr.'s Pastrami Burger (yeah, that sounds healthy). In this spot, the Canter's customer with the menu (who happens to be a young guy, the core demo for Carl's Jr.'s artery busters) can't decide -- should he get the burger? Or the pastami?

Cut to a shot of Canter's pastrami. Looks tasty. Cut to a shot of Canter's burger. Also looks tasty. The Canter's waitress gets pissed off at the guy's indecision.

Solution? Carl's Jr.'s pastrami burger, of course. Nice use of Canter's for the spot. Of course, I would have gone with Langer's -- truly the best pastrami sandwich anywhere (and that includes New York).

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