Tuesday, August 15, 2006

You Say It's L.A.'s Birthday?

You may remember how we realized back in April that L.A.'s 225th birthday was fast approaching, prompting us to ask, Where's the party?!

City Council president Eric Garcetti told us about the annual Walk of the Pobladores, in which participants walk the 9 miles from the Mission in San Gabriel to Olvera Street, and party there afterwards.

The Walk of the Pobladores is on again this year, and will be held on Labor Day -- Monday, Sept. 4 -- starting at 7 a.m. The walk is free, and Maria and I are seriously considering doing it (complete with Evan in stroller). Any of you interested in joining us? Email us, or comment below. (Check out the entry form, and take a look at the walk route.)

Meanwhile, it doesn't look like Los Angeles will do much beyond the usual Walk of the Pobladores, despite the 225 milestone. LA City Nerd points us to Los Angeles' paltry official 225th anniversary site and proclaims it pretty sad:

For the second largest City in the Nation, this is all they could come up with: City's 225th Birthday website.

And with this City's array of diversity, businesses, and skills... the only company they could get to sponsor was Disney - a Burbank-based company.

I'm sure we'll hear more in the next few weeks, but initially, it looks pretty meager to me.

I'll admit it - it makes me sad the City couldn't pull it together for the 225 - it could have been as great at the bicentennial. I guess this City's focus isn't the City right now.

(And how about that horrible clip-art cake they're using as the "logo" (above) on the website and the awkward looking flyer? The City does employ graphic designers, but maybe the organizers didn't know that.)

Gotta agree about the design -- it's slapped together with little thought. Perhaps the city should inquire about the services of a certain design girl.

Meanwhile, to add insult to injury, check out the misspelling at the top of the Los Angeles 225 website:

Happy Birthday, City of Los Angles!

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