Tuesday, September 12, 2006

L.A.'s Most Toddler-Friendly Block

Now that Evan has hit 20 months, taking him places has become more of a challenge. (It's no joke that they call them the "terrible twos." Seriously. I used to think it was a cliche.) That's why Maria and I are loving the corner of Eagle Rock Blvd. and Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock more than ever.

The hip coffee joint Swork has become a godsend, thanks to its "Sworkland" kiddie area (below).

The spot includes blocks, legos, a wooden train track, books and other toys with an educational bent (many purchased at IKEA). It gives us a chance to sit and sip our coffee while playing with Evan, who could spend hours there if he wanted. (Yeah, I know, we can sip coffee and play with Evan at home -- but the whole idea is to get out of the house).

Down the block on Eagle Rock are several more stores that are toddler friendly, including the Rockin' Baby Shop and Twerps.

Rockin' Baby Store sells all sorts of cool baby gear, including Ramones, AC/DC, Beatles, Stooges and other rock T-shirts for infants and toddlers. Their Eagle Rock store also boasts a play area for the kids while you shop.

The store grew out of a small business launched by moms Natasha Walsh and Lisa McDaniel (pictured in their store, above -- at least I assume it's them) to sell a baby sling that they created.

Twerps, also down the block from Swork, sells a mix of new and used kiddie clothes, furniture, toys and books. No big bargains that we've found so far, but I've spied some cheap clothes there... and Evan loves playing on the baby-sized baby grand piano in the main store.

2160 Colorado Blvd. (also in Montrose)

Rockin Baby Shop
5048 Eagle Rock Blvd.

5060 Eagle Rock Blvd.

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