Wednesday, September 13, 2006

'Round the Blog-LA-Sphere

Looks like my ridiculous "Blog-LA-Sphere" term -- coined earlier this month -- is catching on.

And by "catching on," I mean two other bloggers have picked up on it: Mayor Sam and Atwater Village Newbie. I've now decided that rather than hog this term all to myself, I want to spread the "Blog-LA-Sphere" gospel.

The end game? To get a mainstream L.A. publication or TV outlet to use the term "Blog-LA-Sphere" with a straight face. (You can almost hear Paul Moyer's voice: "Tonight, the local blog scene -- some call it the 'Blog-LA-Sphere.' Are your children in danger of falling prey to L.A.'s blog predators? Channel 4 investigates.")

So c'mon, L.A. bloggers! Next time you talk about our fine city's world of blogs, drop some knowledge: It's part of the Blog-LA-Sphere.

Now, for this edition of 'Round the Blog-LA-Sphere, let's look at the two early "Blog-LA-Sphere" adopters:

:: Over at Mayor Sam's Sister City, local gadfly and chief City Council annoyer Zuma Dogg (above, meeting KTLA's Eric Spillman) has been added to the roster of contributors.

Zuma Dogg is definitely growing on me. Look past the hip-hop parody, and you'll notice the Dogg is well-versed in local politics. And hysterical. In one post, ZD notes that the City Council seems to be softening toward him as well: Councilman Bernard Parks even threw a compliment his way.

Meanwhile, now that we know that folks from the Phil Angelides camp were the source of the tape that featured Ahnuld the Governator talking about how hot a Latino Assemblywoman was, Mayor Sam contributor Jennifer Solis has coined a new nickname for the struggling Democratic Gubernatorial candidate: "Scandalides."

I have no hope for Angelides, who is running the most dull and inept campaign I've seen. He makes Gray Davis look like a master showman. Just a year ago Schwarzenegger looked vulnerable. This was the best the Dems could do? When Angelides gets creamed in November, the powers that be will only have themselves to blame.

:: Over in Atwater Village, the Newbie noticed that either someone screwed up, or a portion of State Route 2 (the Glendale Freeway) is trying to pass itself off as an interstate (see above).

Notes the AVN:

The red, white and blue shield indicates an Interstate Highway, like I-5 or I-10, a freeway in the national system serving major US cities. The problem with this shield for I-2? According to many sources - Wikipedia,, the Feds - I-2 does not exist.

Every other Highway 2 sign along Riverside Drive shows the familiar green hut of California's state highway system. Could this be another example of Donald Trump-related sign mischief? Could freeway installation artist Richard Ankrom be up to a new stunt? Or is California's lowly state Glendale Freeway en route to a Interstate highway upgrade?

The Atwater Village Newbie also notes that Canele, the restaurant that is taking over the space occupied for 17 years by neighborhood fave Osteria Nonni, opens its doors this Friday.

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