Saturday, October 21, 2006

Blogger Toddler Chooses The World Series Champs

He's back -- and for the first time, we've got him on video for the site.

Blogger Baby, who went 9-0 over the course of a year -- picking everything correct, from the Best Picture Oscar to the Super Bowl winner, NCAA champ and more -- took some time off from the prognostication game. But just in time for the World Series, Blogger Baby is back from his hiatus and ready to share some wisdom.

But with one slight change: Evan's not really a baby anymore. We've altered his nickname from "Blogger Baby" to the more-appropriate "Blogger Toddler." As he graduates to toddler status, does Evan still have the chops? Find out above which team Evan picks to win it all.

Meanwhile, just for good measure, we had Blogger Toddler try again. As you can see below, his vote didn't change:

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