Thursday, November 30, 2006

'Tis Not the Season at IKEA; At Least Not This Year

IKEA's the Grinch who Stole the Christmas Tree.

We traditionally purchase our tree every year at the Swedish furniture behemoth's Burbank location. The trees are nice, but more importantly, they're the best deal in town... nay, America. The trees are usually $20... but IKEA then hands you a $20 coupon to use come January. Yup, essentially, the trees were free.

Not this year.

Figuring that this upcoming weekend we'd head over to the store to pick out our tree, Maria gave the Burbank IKEA a call.

"Sorry, we're not selling Christmas trees this year."

Whaaa? Why not?

"I'm not sure why."

It's not a global change; I stumbled across IKEA's Canada website, which shows that stores in the Great White North are still selling Christmas trees.

But for this year, at least, it means finding another reasonably priced tree. Where do you go?

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