Wednesday, February 21, 2007

America's Favorite Architecture Doesn't Reside in Los Angeles

Number 75, Union Station (Flickr pic by The Prof.)

In case you missed it last week, the American Institute of Architects released the results of its survey on the top 150 buildings in the United States. The list, timed to the AIA's 150th anniversary, was narrowed down from online photos and determined by 2,214 people.

The list can be found here. As the Los Angeles Times noted on Sunday, Los Angeles comes up short.

The first L.A. entry doesn't come in until No. 75: Union Station. (Pasadena's Gamble House is #66, while Garden Grove's Crystal Cathedral is No. 65.) That's behind even the 5th Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan (No. 53).

Other L.A. picks include the Hollywood Bowl (#91), the Getty (#95), Disney Hall (surprisingly, just #99), the Central Library (#120), the Hollyhock House (#131) and the Stahl House (#140).

The Empire State Building is No. 1 overall, followed by the White House.

Like all lists, this one has prompted a spirited debate on the AIA website. Los Angeles shouldn't feel too snubbed: Several cities, including Detroit, don't make it on the list at all.

Meanwhile, you can check out pics of AIA's 150 listees on its Flickr site here.

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