Friday, February 23, 2007

Oscar for Best Product Placement Goes To... Dinah's Chicken

In the Oscar-nommed film "Little Miss Sunshine," the family at the center of the movie is blissfully unaware that they're living in a time warp.

And I'm not just talking about the VW bus they use in their road trip to California. Everything about the Hoover family's home -- the outdated appliances, wooden cabinets, floral wallpaper, earth-tone furniture and outdated electronics -- screams 1978.

But what really brings it home: The family munches on Dinah's Chicken for dinner.

Granted, it's creative license: Dinah's is located here in Glendale (as well as Culver City), but the family actually lives in New Mexico.

But when it came time to find a fast food joint that would fit into the Hoover family's 1970s lifestyle, Dinah's fit perfectly. Dinah's logo (in that "Brady Bunch"/"Hee Haw" jumbled letter font that was so popular in the mid-70s) is similarly stuck in a time warp. And if you've ever tasted Dinah's, it's a reminder of what fast-food fried chicken should be -- and what I imagine Kentucky Fried Chicken was once like, back when Col. Sanders was still hawking his secret herbs and spices to skeptical franchisees in the 70s. (And long before it became "KFC.")

Dinah's is located in Glendale at 4106 San Fernando Rd., just north of Los Feliz Blvd. Another location (where "Little Miss Sunshine" shot some scenes) is located at 6521 S. Sepulveda. (Might make for an appropriate food to serve at your Oscar party -- and you'll look like a genius if "Little Miss Sunshine" surprises the critics and wins the top film prize.)

Above, Dinah's takes out a congratulatory ad in Variety for "Little Miss Sunshine."

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