Thursday, March 8, 2007

Is It Possible? Donald T. Sterling Ads, Worse Than Ever?

Following up on January's post about the Ugliest Newspaper Ads int he World, I do believe that Donald T. Sterling is taunting us.

Check out that color shot of Sterling above. It's incredibly blurry; you can barely make him out. It's his ad -- and this is the best photo they can come up with?

Yup, he must be doing this on purpose.

Maybe he's aware of Quixo's Donald T. Sterling Graphic Design Foundation, which deconstructs the full-page eye sores:

The Donald T. Sterling Corporation purchases millions of dollars worth of full-page ads in the Los Angeles Times. These ads appear throughout the publication and can pop-up anywhere unexpectedly.

Here's the problem: The ads don't follow even the most basic principles of graphic design. They blend a hodgepodge of un-related type-faces. The margins are reduced to an 1/8 of an inch, surrounded by clunky borders. The width of the type is stretched and squeezed to fit. The space is cluttered with very large type, leaving no room for the eye to rest and making it hard to read or scan the page. Basically, the ads are painful to see.

Keep fighting the fight! Together, we can show Sterling the page design light.

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