Saturday, June 23, 2007

Angelenos of the Week: Rocky and Michelle Delgadillo

Rocky and Michelle meet the press, in June 2006. Flickr pic by Eric Spiegelman.

Rocky: City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo -- who'd been critical of Paris Hilton's early jail release -- admits that his wife Michelle had been driving with a suspended license and without automotive insurance.

Rocky II: Michelle Delgadillo also finally went to traffic court this week to "resolve a 9-year-old ticket citation that resulted in a bench warrant's being issued for her arrest. And other records showed that she had been delinquent in paying at least five parking tickets in the last several years," the Los Angeles Times reports.

Rocky III: Rocky Delgadillo admits that his wife used his city-owned GMC Yukon, and had damaged the SUV in 2004. Soon after, Rocky had it fixed -- at taxpayer expense. (He paid back the city $1,222 this week for the repair job.) Oh, and he has been driving without insurance as well.

Rocky IV: Rocky acknowleges to the L.A. Times that his office staff frquently baby sat and ran personal errands for him. That was done on their own time -- but the paper says, "Several sources told The Times that the work occurred during normal business hours."

Rocky V: The Times also discovered on Friday that Michelle Delgadillo has been operating a business without a city license, and failed to pay state income tax. That, of course, changed soon after the paper contacted her: "After The Times inquired about C.R.D. Inc. on Friday, the business applied for -- and received -- a tax registration certificate retroactive to June 10, 2002, the date the business was incorporated. A city finance official said city policy prohibited her from disclosing the amount of penalties and fees that were paid."

It's gotten juicy enough that the L.A. Times' website has even put together a handy webpage on its site of everything Rocky scandal-related.

I just can't wait for "Rocky VI." For providing so many scandal-filled sequels this week, Rocky and Michelle Delgadillo are Franklin Avenue's Angelenos of the Week.

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