Friday, November 30, 2007

Shocker at KOST-FM: Kim Amidon Canned

Ho! Ho! Ho! You're fired.

Talk about a strange move: After nearly 22 years as part of KOST's successful "Mark & Kim" morning show, Kim Amidon has been canned by station owner Clear Channel.

Amidon's axing was part of budget cuts at the station (and across the Clear Channel chain). But it's still perplexing. Not only is KOST a ratings powerhouse -- especially this time of year, when the station's all-Christmas format shuttles it to the top of the Arbitron ratings -- but the "Mark & Kim" show is an institution at the station.

Her co-host, Mark Wallengren, remains. He wrote this at his blog:
We can all speculate and try to wrap our heads around what ever process occurred that concluded that despite all our past and current success her services would no longer be needed. But let us not forget, she broke ground, was feisty, she couldn’t be ignored and is an incredible example to any woman in this business.

Will Kim be o.k.? You bet. Will I be o.k.? Yes. Will the station be o.k.? With your help, absolutely. Will I miss her? What do you think?

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