Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One of L.A.'s First Bloggers Hits The Decade Mark

(Flickr pic by AAJA-LA).

That's Darleene Powells along with me, at the recent AAJA panel she organized on the intersection of journalism and blogging -- a subject Darleene (who now works at KCBS/KCAL on their web team) has quite a bit of personal experience with.

As noted by, Darleene has been a part of the blogosphere (not to mention the Blog-LA-Sphere) for ten years now. A decade of continuous blogging -- very few bloggers can claim that. (And here we felt so special at Franklin Avenue because we finally hit the 5 year mark last month!)

Here, she tells how she got started -- in an age when no one had ever even uttered the word "blog":

10 years ago, I was checking out the cool websites of all these other people and thinking to myself, I want one! So I literally began the blog as a way to learn HTML and how to build a website. I had no platform (Blogger debuted a year after I began blogging, I think I read on Wikipedia) — all I had was a free Geocities account and HTML Goodies, where I learned the basics. You should have seen the silly, animated gifs I employed…

Congrats, Darleene!

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