Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Suggested New Los Angeles Times Magazine Names

The New York Times reports on the continued sad decline of the L.A. Times, noting the most recent blow: The newspaper quietly moved the Los Angeles Times Magazine out of the hands of its editorial team -- and on to the sales side. (This makes the whole Staples Center controversy look like a blip. That was a one time -- albeit tremendous -- mistake, while this is permanent.)

As consolation, Times editor Russ Stanton has asked that the magazine's name be changed, to avoid any confusion over whether or not the L.A. Times journalists are still involved.

I humbly put forth a few replacement magazine title suggestions:

Los Angelez Tymez Magazeene

Zell's Content

Jennifer Convertibles Circular (Now With Stories)

Donald T. Sterling Presents the Los Angeles Times Magazine

Los Angeles Times Magazine: Macy's Edition


Staples Los Angeles Times Magazine: An Anschutz Publication

The Otis Chandler Rolling In His Grave Monthly

Feel free to add yours below.

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