Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Of All The Hotels To Meet His Mistress, Why Did Edwards Pick the Beverly Hilton?

If the National Enquirer is accurate -- and it's sure starting to look that way -- then John Edwards isn't looking like a Democratic VP candidate much longer. Here's the detailed report that he was caught by National Enquirer reporters while visiting his mistress (and love child?) in Los Angeles.

Stupid enough move. But the Enquirer doesn't even note an even bigger gaffe: Edwards conducted the tryst Monday night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Yes, where the TV Critics Association Press Tour was still taking place. Edwards picked a hotel where journalists from across the country were staying. Uh, oops. Doesn't sound like any of them spotted him, but that was pretty boneheaded... as if the whole affair isn't already. Why not just put a press release out at that point?!

Granted, many journos had probably already departed the BevHilton -- Monday was the last day of press conferences at the hotel, while Tuesday was devoted to set visits outside the venue. Still, I'm assuming several out-of-town TV critics were still still at the hotel -- and quite possibly staying up late, as it was the final night of the tour.

So of all the hotels to quietly meet his mistress, Edwards chose the large Beverly Hilton, which could have been bustling with reporters (not to mention the usual group of Beverly Hills paparazzi)? It's like he wanted to be caught. On that count, apparently, he succeeded.

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