Monday, August 25, 2008

KOCE Picks Up Charles Phoenix TV Show

Watch your back, Huell Howser. L.A.'s "histo-tainer" Charles Phoenix, famed for his slideshows of Americana and events like his famed "Disneyland Tour of Downtown Los Angeles," has signed on to host a new series for Orange County public broadcaster KOCE Channel 50.

The weekly "Southern CaliforniaLand" promises to celebrate all things local. From the press release:

KOCE-TV president and general manager, Mel Rogers, today announced a joint development agreement between the PBS station and pop culture lifestyle expert, Charles Phoenix. The agreement sets in motion plans for production of an engaging 30-minute weekly series that will tour Southern California and celebrate the area’s local life and style. Dubbed Southern CaliforniaLand, the series will be hosted and produced by Phoenix, and will air exclusively on KOCE-TV, KOCE-HD and the OC Channel.

“KOCE is pleased to announce plans for a lifestyle program that will showcase the real breadth and depth of the Southern California community,” said Mel Rogers, general manager and president of KOCE-TV. “We couldn’t think of a better partner to create this new program with than Charles Phoenix. His humor and quick-witted insight will help us to develop a unique and entertaining program that truly reveals the diverse and culturally rich identity of our local community.”

CaliforniaLand with Charles Phoenix will be an action-packed, fast-paced program, including highly interactive “man on the street” segments, peppered with historical facts and entertaining observations. Planned segments will take viewers on a tour of Westminster’s Little Saigon, and through an exploration of the frozen banana shops of Balboa Island. In later segments, viewers will meet Southern California’s favorite synchronized swim team, the Meraquas; as well as the fishermen of the Dory Fleet. Later, Phoenix will find the answer to what is in the time capsule buried beneath Orange Circle.

KOCE will initially broadcast 18 episodes of the show.

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