Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not Everyone Will Get a Bang Out of Y-Que's New Neighborhood Tees

Los Feliz boutique Y-Que's new line of community t-shirts has something for virtually everyone, with neighborhoods large and small (not to mention a few cities from outside L.A.) represented. (Although, I'm thinking the "South Hollywood" shirt won't be such a hot seller -- is there such a thing?)

Each of the shirts carries an icon along with the neighborhood name -- some designs generic, others purposely tied to the neighborhood mentioned. Most are harmless... but the idea of promoting the neighborhood formerly known as South Central with a gun? Hmmm...

Others, via the Y Que website (where we found all of these photos):

Boyle Heights is a little more tame, with a mariachi performer.

Vernon probably gets off easy. It's actually the subject of two different tees, here's the other one:

Burbank, meanwhile, is featured here:

Are those people flying on a plane? Can't tell.

Echo Park, represented by swans.

And then there's...

Eagle Rock.

Y-Que is located at 1770 N. Vermont; phone number is 323-664-0021.

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