Monday, November 17, 2008

Protesting Proposition 8

Following the mass rally downtown in front of City Hall, some Prop 8 protesters took to the streets, marching back west on Sunset Boulevard. We happened to be passing by at the same time and caught a few images:

Meanwhile, while watching an old episode of "The Amazing Race" (from the Sunday before Election Day) on TiVo tonight, we caught a No on 8 ad featuring Sen. Dianne Feinstein. It was much stronger than the ones that had previously been airing on TV, and finally included some heavy hitting comments from the likes of Feinstein and Obama. It's just really unfortunate the No on 8 campaign waited until just before the election to unveil a tougher ad like that.

But you can only blame the No on 8 campaign so much. The "Yes" side ran ads that were misleading and stoked fear... and if history is any indication (hello, Willie Horton and the Swift Boaters), that's what all too frequently works in elections.

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