Saturday, January 17, 2009

Indie Reveals More Online Plans; "El Gato" Officially Launches

(Pic by Tedd Roman.)

Above, Indie DJ Tedd Roman manages to take a farewell pic in the former Indie 103.1 studios. (Check out his Twitter accounts here.)

The new "El Gato 103.1" officially launched at midnight with the track "Volvere," by K-Paz de la Sierra. Yep, the "Indie 103.1" era is officially over.

(Pic by Tedd Roman.)

After signing off Thursday morning at 10, the station had been playing a handful of rotating songs by Black Flag, the Sex Pistols and X, among others, with an announcement in between explaining the station's demise. That came to a stop last night at 11:58 p.m. with "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie" by Black Flag.

Meanwhile, Indie's online stream is currently operating as a jukebox, with no DJs or IDs. But according to Indie's web site, some of the station's specialty shows will be making the transition online (although its most popular one, Steve Jones' "Jonesy's Jukebox," will not). The latest message from the Indie site:

In true Indie fashion, these DJs have offered to continue their labor of love and host their shows on-line. The current list includes: Passport Approved with Sat Bisla, Retrograde with Scott Dallavo, Harmony In My Head with Henry Rollins, Complete Control with Joe Sib, Neon Noise with Paul V, Chaos with Full Metal Jackie, Reggae Smoke In with Native Wayne, Barely Legal with Joe Escalante, Suicide Girls with Missy Suicide.

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