Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Lost": So. Good. So Good!

(Flickr parody by robleto.)

"Lost" returned with a bang this week -- a big, messy, time-travelly bang that set up a whole new twist to the show's topsy-turvy plot line. By officially exploring the concept of time travel, "Lost" is fully embracing its inner geek -- and that's a good thing. There's still enough to the relationships on "Lost" that viewers allergic to sci-fi still have plenty of reason to tune in. But given where the "Lost" storyline has gone over the past few seasons, the show was going to have to, at some point, get a little more geeky to solve its mystery.

For a thorough recap of the show and a take on what it all means, I now direct you to Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen, who has the lowdown on the premiere here.

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