Monday, January 26, 2009

Rate-A-Restaurant #196: Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse

Restaurant: Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse

Location: 7 S Mickey Mantle Dr. (Oklahoma City)

Type of restaurant: Steakhouse

We stipulated: I was visiting my family in Oklahoma City, where my parents now live (my dad works for the FAA, FYI) -- actually, I showed up unannounced in order to surprise my dad for his 60th birthday. After they got over their disappointment that Evan wasn't a part of the ruse, my parents were still excited enough to see me. For my dad's 60th, my parents had settled on splurging at Mickey Mantle's -- which, in all actuality, is quite a classy joint.

They stipulated: Like most steakhouses, the ala carte sides and veggies are served family style. Many of the steaks also come in 7 oz or 10 oz portions.

What we ordered: 7 oz. filet mignon ($28.95); 8 oz. prime top sirloin ($21.95); 12 oz. prime top sirloin ($25.95); 7 oz. special spice-rubbed steak with sweet mashed potatoes ($34.00); grilled rosemary zucchini ($7.95); fresh broccoli ($7.95); mashed potatoes ($5.95).

High point: I'm not a steak guy, but when in steakhouse... I just couldn't fathom getting seafood (although I came close to ordering the ahi tuna; I thought better of it). It was quite good. I got the 7 oz. special, and was pleased -- although it hurts to spend that much on a single entree, it was a worthwhile splurge. Also, after I tipped them to my dad's birthday, the restaurant comped him a cheesecake slice ($7.00, plus $2.90 for "birthday ribbon").

Low point: The restaurant sat us in what may have been the worst -- or one of the worst -- tables in the relatively small dining room. We wound up not too far from a door... and could feel a chill throughout the meal.

Overall impression: Oklahoma City is a vast restaurant wasteland. I've never been to a city with so few real dining options. And while the idea of "Mickey Mantle's" sounds rather cheesy on the surface, it's a legit steakhouse (operated by Dallas-based Kirby's Steakhouse).

No lie -- Mickey Mantle Drive intersects with Flaming Lips Alley in Oklahoma City's Bricktown. (The Flaming Lips hail from Oklahoma, fyi.)

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