Friday, January 30, 2009

Retro Friday: Fisher-Price's Little People (fka "Play Family")

Look familar? If you grew up in the 1970s and early 1980s, surely you played with the Fisher-Price "Play Family" toys (now known as "Little People"). Fisher-Price stopped making the toys this way at the end of the 1980s -- guess those smaller, wood and plastic toys would still wind up in kids' throats -- and I gotta say, the new version, with its much larger and more detailed characters, aren't the same.

One of my favorite toys was the Play Family Village, which had quite a bit of detail in it. A jail, a movie theater, an upstair apartment, a fire department, a mechanic's garage, plus a stop light and other things. Below, another shot of the pieces that came with it.

I was also partial to my Fisher-Price Play Family Airport.

Again, the attention to detail was pretty impressive at the time. Baggage claim, snack shop, helicopter and airplane, etc.

Sadly, our toys are long gone -- they probably were a casualty of one of our moves, perhaps to Hawaii (as all of us were too old at that point to still play with it). These shots are via the collector's website This Old Toy.


Anonymous said...

I still have mine, in the box! I was given it by 'santa' when I was 5 in 1979. Now my nieces, nephew and my own daughters play with it and LOVE it.


Maverick11414 said...

I still have mine and may list it on eBay. I looked up some prices and some of these toys can fetch $40.00 or more!

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