Friday, January 23, 2009

Retro Friday: When KROQ was KROQ; and When 103.1 was Groovy

Check out this 1980s TV spot for KROQ -- "Roq of the 80s" -- featuring the one and only Richard Blade. Remember when KROQ wasn't a slickly-run, heavily-programmed "alternative" radio station? Then check out the aircheck below.

From Aug. 13, 1983, here's how KROQ sounded back in its heyday. (Yep, quite college radio-esque.) Below, check out KROQ on Feb. 25, 1986, with Swedish Eagle (Egil Aalvik) as DJ. Love when Egil IDs "Shellshock" by New Order as coming from the "new film 'Pretty in Pink.'" And yes, that's the Thompson Twins, on KROQ. What a different time.

Speaking of Swedish Eagle, he was behind both the 1991 "Mars FM" format on 103.1, and later returned to launch the short-lived but still-missed "Groove Radio 103.1." Here's a scoped aircheck from the early days of "Mars FM" -- and yep, this DJ was pretty raw.

Groove Radio 103.1 first launched in 1996; Swedish Eagle left in 1997, and the station continued for another year as just "Groove 103.1." Here's the sales pitch and early DJ lineup for Groove Radio:

BTW, for those of you still missing Indie 103.1 and wondering whether it can ever survive as an online-only station... Groove Radio continues to survive online, ten years after it left the airwaves.

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